Sugar Cane Processing
Of the price we pay...
farmers receive
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Fruandes is paid (packaging and shipping)

Level Ground purchases cane sugar from Fruandes, a Fair Trade organization operating out of Bogotá, Colombia. Fruandes purchases cane sugar from independent farmers or associations of small-scale farmers.

Once the sugar cane has reached its optimum thickness, it is harvest time! The sugar canes are cut, using machetes, and taken to the sugar producing plant. The cut sugar canes are taken to the plant on horseback or by truck, depending on the size of the harvest and the terrain. The whole family helps at harvest time. Residual organic matter is left on the fields and the cut canes will bud again for the next crop.

This unrefined, single-stream sugar maintains a delectable caramel sweetness that is a perfect match with coffee or baking recipes!

Trading Partner

Fruandes Ltda

Partnership Established


Background of Organization

In 2002, Level Ground sought to respond to the commodity crash that saw the market value of coffee beans reduced to nearly nothing. Our original intent was to support small-scale rural farmers - if farmers were going to survive, they needed to diversify. Fruit, a natural by-product of Colombia’s rich tropical climate, was coffee’s most practical partner. Small-scale coffee farming at high altitudes in rich soil lands like the Andes offered natural shade through high-growing fruit trees. Out of this recognition, Fruandes dried fruit was born.

In 2004, Giovanni Porras—the director of Fruandes—and Level Ground began exploring the possibility of purchasing sugar cane, a food that could be grown and processed by farmers and packaged by Fruandes. Today, there are up to 45 women employed by Fruandes during peak fruit processing periods and we receive around four containers of their dried fruit and sugar a year.


Bogota, Colombia

Type of Organization

Private company


Organic Certified by BCS Öko-Garantie

Direct Fair Trade Impact

Fruandes provides its workers with a sustainable wage, vocational training, health care, and education for their children. Three of the original members of Fruandes remain with the organization and have received microcredit loans that allowed for the down payment on a home outside the refugee life of Cazuca.

Farmer Profile

Grown organically by small-scale farmers in the Andes mountains of Colombia, this single stream sugar is unrefined and hand-processed. Farmers are paid fair prices for each harvest and income from processing stays in the local farming community.


Cane sugar is grown and processed in El Jabon, Huila, located in the southwest.


Sugar Cane


Organic Certified by BCS Öko-Garantie

Direct Fair Trade Impact

Fruandes and Level Ground provide sustainable income for small scale farmers by paying fair prices.